Hand Pallet Truck

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Hand Pallet Truck

Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009, Based on directive 2006/42/EC


Adjustable Pump cap
Adjustable Straight Tappet
Option:Fully rubber wrapped handle
Entry Roller for easy operation-Innovative wheel frame


Load Rating: 2500kg
Service Weight: 55-60 lg
Fork’s minimum altitude: 75/85mm
Front Wheel size: 160/180
Real-wheel size: 70×80 (70×60)
Lifting Altitude: 190/200mm
Overall height handle top from ground: 1176.5mm
Overall length: 140/1520/1590
Fork Size: 53x150x1100/1150/1220
Fork width: 380/480/450/520/550/680
The wheelbase center ground clearance: 22/32mm
Turning Radius: 1215/1265/1335
Aisle width, with pallet 100X1200 crosswise: 1670/1720/1790
Aisle width, with pallet 800X1200 lenghtwise: 1770/170

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